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Our courses are always customer focused to ensure that all trainees fully understand all aspects of the training in the context of their role or workplace. It is carried out by professional trainers, all with over a decades’ experience with the UK’s Fire and Rescue Services.

Fire Safety Essentials

The risk of fire and the resulting threat to human life is very real. You will no doubt be aware of the devastating consequences that a fire can have, but do you know how to prevent fires and what to do in the event of a fire?

This course aims to change the way you think about fire. It will help you to recognize and reduce fire hazards in your workplace, and will elucidate what you need to do in the unlikely event of a fire.

Fire Marshal Training Course

Appointing and training Fire Marshals will provide the management, the opportunity, to significantly enhance fire prevention practices in the workplace, improve communications and share the workload in the implementation of robust fire safety management.

Our bespoke, high standard Fire Marshal Training Course aims to provide comprehensive, realistic and robust theoretical and practical training ensuring that your Fire Marshals will appropriately prevent and manage a fire incident in the workplace.

Bespoke Fire Safety Training Course

The only way to provide pragmatic training to employees for every business / organisation is to accurately identify the possible (fire related) hazards that could project a risk to employees.

We at FSTP don’t take it all for granted. Our aim is to provide the most accurate, risk proportionate, pragmatic training to our clients.

Wildfires Firefighting Training eCourse

The last decades, Wildfires or Wildland Fires have changed dramatically. It is no longer a matter of if but rather, a matter of when a mega-fire will hit next with the consequences been witnessed to countries all around the world; Australia, Spain, USA, Russia, Amazon, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus etc.

A deeper understanding of the fires and their behaviour will assist first responders significantly to carry out their duties with safety and efficiency. Resources utilisation must be based upon a robust, real time assessment of the situation.

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