Wildfires Tactical Firefighting Training Course


Important Announcement:

Due to extensive request, this course has been postponed for Spring 2022. Further details will be provided shortly.

If you reading this, then it means that you’re one of those people who are called each summer to deal with a ferocious and incredibly unpredictable element, that of wildfire.

The last decades, wildfires or wildland fires have changed dramatically.

It is no longer a matter of if but rather, a matter of when a mega-fire will hit next with the consequences been witnessed to countries all around the world; Australia, Spain, USA, Russia,Amazon, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus etc.

The impact of climate change is now documented in front of our eyes.

Start with the Why

The impact of this new type of fires extends much more widely than what we have perceived. We are now witnessing a significant loss of life, in addition to the impact towards the environment, the economy and the society.

The dangers towards the first responders has increased significantly.

First responders can no longer instigate their set of actions based upon their experience or outdated suppression strategies.

A deeper understanding of the fires and their behaviour will assist first responders significantly to carry out their duties with safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

Resources utilisation and suppression tactics must be based upon a robust, real time assessment of the situation.

Pau Costa Foundation and us

Bearing in mind the above and in light of the lethal and destructive fire that took place in Cyprus in decades we’re introducing the Wildfires Tactical Firefighting Training Course.

We’re collaborating with the Internationally recognized and multi-awarded Pau Costa Foundation, worlds subject matter experts on forest fires to introduce the first course of its kind in Cyprus.

A 5 Day crash course which targets the Fire Incident Commanders, the people at the front line that their decisions will determine the outcome of the incident.

This training course is similar to none, as it doesn’t follow the traditional type of training, i.e. lectures through presentations but includes interactive, highly efficient and realistic exercises, table top and field exercises as well as case studies analysis, which aim to enhance the transfer of knowledge.

In 5 days, learners will be taken through 3 main areas:

Fire Behavior Analysis

Fire Weather

Wildfires Suppression Operations

Fire Behavior Analysis

Training in fire behavior analysis allows understanding the dynamics of fires and their evolution, in order to assess emergency and safety. The objective of this module is to advance in the knowledge of the analysis of the fire behavior of a forest fire, in such a way that it generates a technical improvement in the prediction of the evolution of the forest fire and allows the commanders of emergency teams to anticipate its evolution and plan strategies safer and more effective attacks.

Fire Weather

This module aims to generate a technical improvement in the interpretation and forecasting of the effect of the weather on forest fires, which will allow managers to anticipate the behavior of the fire and plan safer and more effective supression strategies.

Wildfire Suppression Operations

The objectives of the module is to provide the operational commanders and managers the tools and knowledge necessay so that they can anticipate the behavior and evolution of a forest fire and be able to design strategies and tactics based on such anticipation, improving the efficiency of operations and safety.

Duration and Dates

This training course is a full 5 Day training course and will run in Spring 2022.


This course will be delivered in English but interpetations in Greek will be provided upon requirement.

Certification, Accrediation and Endorsement

Candidates will receive accredidated certification by the Pau Costa Foundation, La Pineta Fire Academy Toscana and FSTP.

This Training Course is also endorsed by the centre of excellence CERIDES of European University of Cyprus.


The total cost of this course is only 950 Euros per person and includes the following:

  • 5 Day Training Course and Certification
  • Lunch and refreshements for all five days
  • Transportation between training sites
  • Post course support

Entry Standards

Managers or senior firefighters from the Emergency Services; i.e. Fire and Rescue Services, Forestry Department, Civil Defence etc.

Volunteers will be permitted to enrol provided that they are under an approved volunteering group.

Learners will be asked to provide evidence of compliance with the entry standards before his/her enrolment.

How can I enrol?

By sending us an email on:

mngdirector@firesafetytrainingcy.com or call us on +357 7000 7337

Additional Notes

Due to the interactive nature of this course there’s a very limited number of positions available, therefore learners need to pre-book and pre-pay in order for them to be officially enroled.

In case of students travelling from other countries we can provide full support and cost efficient lodging prices.

All learners must hold a Covid19 Safepass.

Instructional staff

There will be 3X approved Pau Costa Foundation Instructors supported by 1X instructor from FSTP.

Further Information

If you require any further information send us an email on: