Wildfires Firefighting eLearning Training Course

Wildfires Firefighting eLearning Training Course


    A new era!

    The last decades, Wildfires or Wildland Fires have changed dramatically. It is no longer a matter of if but rather, a matter of when a mega-fire will hit next with the consequences been witnessed to countries all around the world.

    The impact of this new type of fires extends much more widely than what we have perceived. We are now witnessing a significant loss of life, in addition to the impact towards the environment, the economy and the society.

    The dangers towards the first responders has increased significantly. First responders can no longer instigate their set of actions based upon their experience or outdated suppression strategies.

    A deeper understanding of the fires and their behaviour will assist first responders significantly to carry out their duties with safety and efficiency.

    Resources utilisation and suppression tactics must be based upon a robust, real time assessment of the situation.


    Who can participate?


    The Wildfires Firefighting Training eCourse is an online course which can be undertaken by anyone (provided they meet the criteria) at their own convenience, from the comfort of their homes or at work (see course specific instructions).

    In contrast with the traditional eLearning courses, the Wildfires Firefighting Training eCourse contains live sessions/webinars in which the learners have the opportunity to exchange ideas, ask questions and learn more!


    More for less


    Despite that this is an online course, as a learner you are actively engaged throughout.

    Learners are having the chance to interact with instructors and, provided their consent is given, they can be added in an online students group, where they can exchange ideas and support each other.

    Assignments are contained in each chapter where learners have the opportunity to unfold the newly acquired knowledge prior of them moving to the next chapter.


    Pricing and Certification


    The price for this course is 199 Euros per person.

    Learners will receive Certification to acknowledge the individual passing of the course.

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