About Us

Start with WHY. Our why is the one that drives us. It is massive and compelling, simple, yet profound, our why is care!

We want to keep people and businesses safe from fire. Fires can be prevented; lives can be saved and businesses can be protected if steps towards safety are taken. We aspire to make a change in people’s lives by delivering world-class services combining knowledge, experience but most importantly, love on what we do.

Fire Safety Training Providers (FSTP) is the first company in Cyprus that exclusively delivers bespoke, high-standard, Fire Safety and Specialized Training and Services.

Our training courses are always customer focused to ensure that all trainees fully understand all aspects of the training in the context of their role or workplace.

It is carried out by professional trainers, all with over a decades’ experience with the UK’s Fire and Rescue Services.

All our trainers are highly skilled and passionate about what they do. They are well-oriented in Fire Safety era, aiming to deliver courses that are both enlightening and enjoyable. We strive to make our training practical and vivid with real life examples to enhance and maximize content delivery to our trainees.

Through our experience we have seen and experience that no single measure can or will prevent all fires.

Enhanced Fire Safety Management can only be achieved using an all-inclusive approach, hence the reason why we have expanded our services providing various Fire Safety related Services.

We are all in what we do, as we believe that through our services, lives and properties can be saved!

We strive to deliver world-class fire and life safety training and services. We take zero for granted. Your life and safety matters to us!

Avgoustinos Chatzigiannis

Director FSTP

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