A Few Words

Dear Associates,

A few days before 2020 fades away we would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and an extraordinary (in a positive way) 2021!

This year’s Christmas will be different from other years and yet can be profound.Without a doubt, the year past has been quite a ride, with never before seen challenges for mankind but as 2020 drifts away we see hope.

The technological and scientific evolvement gave humanity the knowledge and the tools to fight back this life seeking enemy. The year past also reminded us to not take everything for granted and appreciate more each given moment – a walk at the nearby park, a simple gesture of kindness as a handshake or a hug – who would have thought!

To those of you that you have directly affected by the pandemic I wish you a quick recovery and to be with the people you care the most as soon as possible.

A vital message: As the majority of our time is spend at home you need to do the following; to those of you that you do have a smoke alarm at home, press and test their batteries (replace as appropriate), for those of you that you don’t have a smoke alarm installed you are in danger.

For your safety and the safety of your loved ones, make this a priority one. Their cost is around 10 euros and they can be installed in 5 minutes.In the event of a fire and especially when we’re sleeping, a smoke alarm gives adequate warning for you and your family to escape with safety.

Thank you for your time and for selecting FSTP for the provision of Fire Safety related services and don’t forget to check out our Facebook Giveaway.

As the last 3 years we’re giving presents which can enhance and maybe can save the lives of those receiving it. For this year we’re giving 3 smoke detectors, check it out!

Closing and personally, the most important takeaway from 2020 is Gratitude and I will leave it there!

Stay Safe all – Merry Christmas

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